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How to celebrate your birthday in Koh Rong, Cambodia

This was my first birthday away from home. Not beeing with friends and familly was a bit a weird feeling, but it was a very special day that I will remember all my life.

We rented a bungalow just 15 meters of the beach. So in the morning I got up, slipped into my bikini and went for a swim in the lovely crystal clear water. We stayed at the Paradise Bungalows at the very end of Koh Rong’s main beach.

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Traveling Southeast Asia – Part II

So here we are in Phnom Penh waiting for our taxi to the airport.
We had two great weeks in this incredible country that with all its history and remarkable people is a real treasure. Starting in Siem Reap and taking it slow was the best thing we could do. We had enough time to look at the amazing Angkor, enjoy great food and even taking part in a cooking class. Read More

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Traveling Southeast Asia – Part I

I had quite a stressful time before leaving for my 4 months “Holiday” so we dicided to take it easy we spent our time mostly with shopping, eating and relaxing in a spa. On Tuesday we took an afternoon flight which brought us to this cool city. Siem Reap is the closest city of the famous Angkor Wat it is very lowbeat and charming. It has so friendly people and the athmosphere is great! Tomorrow we will leave the hostel at 5 (!) in the morning to see Angkor Wat at sunrise, we are very much looking forward to that!

Our 2014 – A short summary
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2014 – A short summary

After 2013 being a year full of happy and lovely moments, last year was bit of a rough one. That’s why it wasn’t easy for me to sit down, pick up a pen and write down a summary of what happened.

On 18th January we received a call from Mum’s brother, telling us that our Grandmother had had a stroke. Hedy was at the bank withdrawing money when the lady behind the counter realized that Grandma couldn’t talk anymore. It turned out that she had such a severe stroke, that she had to be taken directly into intensive care. Grandma could no longer move the right half of her body and the Broca’s area of her brain, that controls speech, was no longer functioning.

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